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As she consistently strives to embody excellence, Bella Black (professionally known as Dr. Avis Foley) garners wisdom and direction from celebrated leaders who have come before her. She desires for people to use her own life as a blueprint to enable them to understand the power they possess to create effectual change.

Because she wholeheartedly believes that the educated never stop learning, Bella Black's passion lies in teaching through various mediums. An educator for over ten years, she has had the opportunity to serve as a mentor to hundreds of students, serve as associate editor of a magazine for young professionals and publish her debut novel depicting the trials and triumphs of seven college friends. In her second novel, Inevitable, she explores the lives of three professional women on a quest for real love.

Bella Black's passion for enlightenment has enabled her to inspire many youth and adult learners to surpass their potential. She plans to continue her mission through an expanded platform to include public speaking and community outreach.

Bella Black

To book Bella Black for speaking engagements or book functions, please contact Yolanda Lewis at 404.849.8982. Photo captured by Blair Devereaux.

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