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I started and finished Inevitable in hours. I was captivated by the characters from the very beginning and desired to know more about them at every turn. I saw myself, friends, coworkers and family in this novel. When I was young I’ve read books with this much honesty and I felt it was a road map to what was to come as a Black, young, educated and single woman ready for the world. Now that I’m older and a little wiser this book still spoke to that part of me that still had something to learn about forgiveness, humility and rebuilding. Kudos to Bella Black for sharing the stories of women and men with such emotion, wit and fearlessness.

Cierra Bland (McDonough, GA)



Bella Black’s “Inevitable” was beyond riveting. The various plot twists kept me on the edge of my seat throughout! While I pride myself on usually being able to call the ending of a  story, I was surprised— at one point or another— with the developing storylines for EACH character.

As a woman of color, I appreciate that beyond serving up drama-filled entertainment, Bella opens up room for dialogue around the prevailing narrative that Black women are always “angry”. Rather than simply assigning blame, though, she offers insight into the every day challenges dealt with by these women, and traumatic past experiences that heighten their vulnerability and emotions. And yes, while the three main characters clearly have issues they need to confront, the idea of prioritizing one’s mental health is presented more as a solution than taboo. In short, the book is engaging, relevant in terms of addressing real and current issues in the Black community, and very nicely done.

Kara Henderson (Atlanta, GA)

Great Read!


I think the way Bella Back captivates you in the book is great. Makes you seem as if you are there with the characters experiencing it all. There are great plot twists! I’m ready for part 2. Great read, you won’t be disappointed!

A. Pitts (Conyers, GA)



Whoa!!! I loved it so much I finished the entire book in one sitting. The multiple plot lines kept me on the edge. Bella Black's attention to detail is impeccable and helps the reader stay immersed in the various situations. I felt as if I was watching a movie. It's completely relatable and worthy of discussion. I cannot wait for the next one! Well done!!

Mel Wilson (Atlanta, GA)



Just reading the first chapter makes me want to dive into the book. The excitement of the party for the promotion of Giselle making partner makes me want to be invited. I love that Giselle's family's names start with the letter "G". Can't wait to complete the book. Great work thus far Bella Black. 

Imani Wallace (Atlanta, GA)

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