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A Great Book!


When you stay up to 1 AM to finish a book, you know that it is a good read. The characters seemed so familiar and reminded me of dating stories that I have heard about in the Metro Atlanta area. I loved the style of writing that bounced back and forth between character storylines. It instantly made me want to continue to read more. All I remember thinking was "Wowwww!" "Wait, what did she just say?!" "Say what now?!" Great book!

Taiesha Smith (Marietta, GA)

Grown and Sexy!


Inevitable is the consummate beach read! The gripping tale of how three best friends brave the Atlanta dating scene as young, successful, and sassy African-American women is a wholly entertaining narrative that captivates from start to finish! Bella Black excellently strikes the perfect balance of familiarity and novelty. By setting the narrative in Atlanta and allowing the story to unfold in some well-known haunts to the “grown and sexy” and creating relatable characters who navigate dating situations that are simultaneously ubiquitous and aberrant, almost anyone can find themselves in the pages of the novel. It is thoroughly enjoyable to read a tale that resonates with most as far as dating and falling in love is concerned, but also is not predictable. So many questions remain about the trio and the outcome of their situations that only a sequel will suffice! Hopefully, Giselle and her friends will make the right decisions, which are often the most difficult and extraordinary.

Elisar Gray (Fairburn, GA)



The last couple of chapters were mind blowing and very unexpected. The whole book is amazing and entertaining!

Mattia Kelly (Gary, IN)

A Masterpiece!


It’s not often you read a book that truly pulls you in so deep. I found myself talking aloud to the characters as if we were all sitting around together, watching their stories unfold. Days later, I imagined how they were and how things had turned out. I knew I’d been sucked in to yet another Bella Black masterpiece! Keep ‘em coming please!

Tamla Hughes (Yorktown, VA)

A Superb Job!


OMG!! Is all really fair in love and war? You have done a superb job in the way you juxtapose each set of couples in your novel INEVITABLE! I am left hanging as I am ready to turn to a promising Inevitable II - for Aunt Gigi has already declared, "Some things are just inevitable, sweetie."  But what is inevitable is yet to be known and will surely come to fruition in the author's follow up chapters - can't wait!

Dr. Angela Milton (Stockbridge, GA)

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